Questions about Cities and Traveling
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Questions about the Multiple Realms

Q1. How do I go to venture into other cities or schools?
At the top of the page, on the left side of your navs, you'll see something that reads Travel Hub. Simply click on it and select a new destination.

Q2. How does traveling work?
You get 10 free travels per day, in which case you can travel to any other realm you want. If you run out of travels however, you're stuck in the place you last ventured too, so choose wisely.

Q3. Why are some roads safer to travel?
Since all major economic transactions come through Hogwarts, the roads to and from there have been fortified to protect against monsters from wandering onto them.

Q4. Where's (the Inn, the forest, my training master, etc.)?
There's numerous reasons why you might not be able to see it. The problem's usually:
a) It's actually here, you just missed it the first time.
[Don't worry. We've all done it.]
b) It's in another realm. Try traveling.
c) The server might not yet have what you're looking for. Try sending in a petition or asking a staff or experienced player. They might know where it's at.

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