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Perhaps it was only chance that brought Rosemary O'Brien down to the basement. A basement with an always-locked door or so she had thought. It was lined with rows and rows of dusty, old shelves filled with worn out books of all sizes. Not surprising for a library. The place was in desperate need of a cleaning and Rosemary wondered when was the last time someone had taken a broom and mop to the floor, a duster to the shelves. As she ventured deeper into the underground room, a soft glow emanating from the back caught her attention. Curious, she followed the light to find it radiating from beneath a tattered, grubby sheet. She reached her hand out but hesitated as her heart began to race. She shook her head, trying to clear her building nerves. How silly she was being, she thought to herself, it was only a sheet! She wrapped her fingers around it and pulled it down, bringing a storm of dust upon herself.

Rosemary quickly closed her eyes, consumed by a fit of coughs as she turned away from the downpour of debris. When the dust finally settled and her cough subsided, Rosemary opened her eyes to find a mirror standing tall and magnificent before her. It was clearly ancient but beautiful. Inscribed elegantly upon it were the words ‘Beyond the Veil’ in different shades of swirling blue and white. With the sheet no longer concealing the mirror, it's light illuminated the basement more brightly. She could see smaller letters etched upon the rest of the mirror, words in languages new and old. She could not believe her eyes. Looking into the glass, she did not see herself or the basement behind her. Instead, she saw a colossal tree far ahead. Even more glorious in size than the mirror that stood before her. Like the Beyond the Veil mirror, the tree had an otherworldly glow. Only the glow was stronger, rays of color-changing light continuously flowing from it. It was like… magic!

The mirror silently spoke to
Rosemary, promising wonder and adventure beyond. It beckoned to be touched, its aura pulsing all around her. Overcome by its allure, Rosemary stretched out her right hand and slowly brought her pointer finger forward to touch it. The mirror’s cold, hard glass softened to meet her touch with a cool and rippling, water-like texture. She gasped softly as her finger passed right through it, the rest of her body following. Her dark eyes widened when she found herself on the other side of it, completely dry and stepping over massive tree roots at the base of the mirror before coming to stand upon a pathway. Indeed, the land Beyond the Veil was otherworldly. She was certainly not in New York City anymore.

Everything appeared bigger than it had when she was on the other side of the mirror. She stopped breathing, her mouth hanging open as she took in the sight. Colors burst all around her from the flowers, shrubs, and greenery that lined the path. A myriad of other paths winded this way and that, branching off the one she stood on and
Rosemary somehow knew, felt, that they all led to that wondrous tree. Her heart still thundered in her chest as she surveyed the few mirrors close enough for her to behold. They each depicted images of places she had never seen or read about before. At the base of each there were massive tree roots, embedded deeply into them just like in the one behind her. She squinted her eyes to get a clearer view of the distance where she was sure she saw glinting glass. More mirrors, but too far for her to see clearly. It was all so beautiful, but eerie. Impossible!

A sudden sense of fear overtook
Rosemary. She took in a deep breath and then another. No, it was not possible. It could not be real! She stepped back and staggered over the roots, right through the mirror. She found herself once again in the basement, her hand stretching out to grasp a nearby bookshelf to steady herself before she fell. Sweat formed over her brow and her free hand rose to wipe it away. She stared at the mirror, dizzy and dazed. Did that just really happen? Or was she still asleep in her bed, lost in a dream? She was not sure and her thoughts raced in disbelief as she rushed back up to the library, away from the mirror. It took every effort not to stumble, not to turn back around. Rosemary got herself a glass of water to steady her nerves. She would forget what had just happened, she told herself, or rather what had not just happened. For, surely, it had not. Could not…

The Veil had triggered a reaction that rippled through the worlds. For the mirror had a connection to the tree,
Yggdrasi , that stood at the heart of the land. It was the tree of all worlds and all life. All the mirrors had a magical tether to it and each other. Long dormant, they had awakened with Rosemary's presence and hummed with life. Their power surged so strong that Yggdrasi glowed with lights so fierce they erupted and encased the entire land, the Cosmic Gateway. The force of the blast disrupted the magical portals, for all the mirrors were portals to different worlds. Aimless, primordial magic seeped into them, causing beings to disappear from one place and end up in another. Demons from Evenglow suddenly found themselves upon Earth. Humans from Earth came to be in Anmesari. Fae from Anmesari appeared in New York.

Those who were misplaced seek a way to return home, all the while learning to traverse foreign lands. Those who remained behind search for the ones they have lost. No one yet has a clue that the events can be traced back to the mirrors and
Rosemary. The Cosmic Gateway has opened, all worlds colliding.

There are new lands to be explored, secrets to be revealed, and mysteries to be solved.
What role will you play?
A months time has past and the world is in disarray, tread careful commoner!

This is a place where anyone can be anything...from anywhere. What path will you take?


Credit is given to the character Aric for his creative help with the storyline for the site, it is very much appreciated and should be mentioned. Thank you.
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