General Questions
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General Questions

1. What is the purpose of this game?
To slay Alduin of course and Roleplay...lots and lots of Roleplay!!

2. How do I find my reflection to kill? (The Dragon)
First of all, make sure to head to the wilderness in any city but the Cosmic Gateway! You can't find him until you've reached a certain level
The reflection will appear once you have reached level 15 in the Wilderness. It will be tough work but you can do it dragonborn!!

3. How do I increase my level?
Your increase your level by gaining experience from fighting creature in the wilderness.
Once you've gotten enough experience, you can challenge your master in the village.

4. Why can't I beat my master (dragons)?
Did you ask your master (dragon) if you have enough experience? Are you wearing decent armor and weapons?
If not, trying purchasing some armor and weapons in the village, this may help you when leveling up!

5. I used up all my turns. How do I get more?
If you have donator points you can buy a new day from the lodge. You can also check to see if the NEWDAY button is on the village, this will give you unlimited about of new days while its on. These are just a few ways to wait for a new day. If you cannot use either of those, simply wait for the new day to arrive! When a new day comes you'll have more energy.

6. When does a new day start?
There is a new day after every 50 minutes and 6 seconds!

7. Arghhh, you guys are killing me with your smart answers - can't you just give me a straight answer?
Well, okay, new days correspond with the clock in the village (can also be viewed from other places). When the clock strikes midnight, expect a new day to begin. The number of times a clock in LotGD strikes midnight per calendar day may vary by server.

8. Something's gone wrong!!! How do I let you know?
Send in a petition. A petition should not say 'this doesn't work' or 'I'm broken' or 'I can't log in' or 'yo. Sup?' A petition *should* be very complete in describing *what* doesn't work. Please tell us what happened, what the error message is (copy and paste is your friend), when it occurred, and anything else that may be helpful. "I'm broken" is not helpful. "There are salmon flying out of my monitor when I log in" is much more descriptive as well as humorous, although there's not much we can do about it. In general, please be patient with these requests - many people play the game, and as long as the admin is swamped with 'yo - Sup?' petitions, it will take some time to sift through them.

9. What if all I have to say is 'yo - sup?'?
If you don't have something nice (or useful, or interesting, or creative that adds to the general revelry of the game) to say, don't say anything. We are a heavily RP site, please remember this.

10. How do I use emotes?
Type :, ::, or /me before your text.

11. What's an emote?
Dragonborn Nerina twirls around and around as she dances through Solitude.
This is an emote obviously. You can emote in the village if you want to do by using the format below or simply speak. Don't forget to add color to your posts to add a bit of flare! Check out questions about colors if you need help on this!

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