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Imagine if you will, a land where anything is possible?
Time and space collide into one. Tearing open dimensional portals through out the universe as we know it.
Places and beings forced out of there homelands, spilling forth into the continuum.
Dimensional drift as realities collapse upon one another.
Well that is just a theory anyways, until the veil mirror was shattered.
Now, up is down and right is left. Beings torn from their homelands and displaced throughout the cosmos.

An ancient doorway, long since closed, has opened now, like the nervous system, linking all these world's along a fine line; to the world tree Yggdrasil.

A reality much like the one we all call our own. Now the timeline and dimension lies fractured.

Shards linking the world's together floating in the dark.
In this realm, mirrors control the flow of all things.

There are new lands to be explored, secrets to be revealed, and mysteries to be solved.

What role will you play?

Next new game day in: 0h, 00m, 28s (real time)

The newest person to join others at The Fracture is --- Commoner Raisa

Please note that all past characters have been lost and everyone has to start a'new, including on their stats and RKs.

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We are an 18+ older site, anyone caught underage will be banned.

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